Contributing to JSON 3


Please use the GitHub issue tracker to submit bug reports, feature requests, and questions. For bug reports, please specify the earliest version of JSON 3 that exhibits the issue and, if applicable, the steps to reproduce. You can also send tweets to @kitcambridge and @demoneaux.

Pull Requests

If you’d like to contribute a feature or bug fix, you can fork JSON 3, commit your changes, and send a pull request against the dev branch. Please make sure to update the unit tests in the test directory as well.

Please do not send pull requests against gh-pages; this branch is reserved for releases, builder updates, and project page changes.


JSON 3 uses Spec for its unit tests.

test/test_json3.js contains conformance tests for parse and stringify. This script can be invoked directly by any supported CommonJS implementation or JavaScript engine, and is loaded by the ExtendScript (test/test_extendscript.jsx) and browser (test/test_browser.html) harnesses.

Unless you’re adding an environment-specific test (e.g., testing RequireJS or curl.js support), you’ll likely only need to update test/test_json3.js.

The tests are randomized before execution to avoid dependencies on global state. If you really need them, you can add order-dependent tests after the testSuite.shuffle() call in test/test_json3.js.

To add a test:

testSuite.addTest("Test Name", function (t) {
  t.ok(true, "Tests whether an expression is truthy");
  t.notOk(NaN, "Tests whether an expression is falsy");

  // Equality assertions.
  this.equal(1, "1", "=="); // `this == t`.
  t.notEqual("a", "b", "!=");

  t.strictEqual(1, 1, "===");
  this.notStrictEqual(1, "1", "!==");

  // Deep equality.
  this.deepEqual([1, 2, NaN, { "hello": "world" }],
    [1, 2, NaN, { "hello": "world" }], "Spec.equals(a, b)");

  this.notDeepEqual(["1", 2, NaN], [1, "2", NaN],
    "!Spec.equals(a, b)");

  // Errors.
  t.error(function () {
    throw new Error("universe has imploded");
  }, "Tests whether a function throws an exception");

  t.error(function () {
    throw new Error("omg, everything is exploding");
  }, function (err, test) {
    // `test == t`.
    return err.message.indexOf("omg") > -1;
  }, "Tests whether a function throws a specific exception");

  t.noError(function () {
    return true;
  }, "Ensures a function does not throw an exception");

  // Performs a deep comparison of `JSON.parse(src)` and `struct`.
  var struct = [1, 2, { a: "b" }];
  var src = '[1,2,{"a":"b"}]';
  t.parses(struct, src,
    "Spec.equals(JSON.parse(src), struct)");

  // Ensures `JSON.stringify(struct)` produces the given output.
  t.serializes(src, struct,
    "JSON.stringify(struct) == src");

  // Ensures invalid input is not parsed.
  var invalid = '[1,2';
    "Ensures `JSON.parse(invalid) throws a syntax error");

  // Ensures `JSON.stringify()` does not attempt to serialize
  // cyclic structures.
  var cycle = {};
  cycle.a = cycle;
    "Ensures `JSON.stringify(cycle)` throws a `TypeError`");

  // Optionally specifies the expected number of assertions.

Project Page and Minification

The builder (build.js) is a Node script that:

You don’t need to run the builder before submitting your pull request; we’ll do this before each release.